OLD TIMES (Calendar, 2013)

All these photographs are taken in a Military Dependents' Villages @ Kao-Hsiung, Taiwan

With the B/W film and traditional camera, I hope that when people see this calendar they can feel the beautiful things that we always ignore from these old places.

In China, there are more and more old buildings were teardown by government. Is it really matter if a city with an old looking that can't develop more? I don't think so. 

But there are many problems, maybe those building are dangerous or something they must be teardown. But a city with a long history should never look so modern everywhere, it's really sad.

Especially in my hometown, Guangzhou. Before the Asian Olympic Games 2010 would be held there, the government makes every building at main road looking nice, butjust on their surface. What's terrible that, a building looks nice in the front, but still old at their back. That's really a ridiculous thing!

Anyway, treat old things as a treasure. I hope I will get more inspiration in Europe with a long, deep historical face of the cities.


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