Think about the LIFE

Think About the LIFE (Calendar, 2013)

The Calendar is the thing we can see everyday. Therefore I want this canlendar to be meaningful, positive and it can convey something to inspired us when we see it.

The theme of each month is designed for one of its main festivals.

-Cover and back cover

It shows us in a young and positive way in the beginning that you can feel the vitality of the whole year.


This is the fireworks on the New Year's Day that bright us the new beginning of the time, and our life can be also new if you want try.


Pink, the background color, is filled with love and sweet. The Valentine's Day is important to pairs. The single persons can also learn to treat theirselves well as lovers do.

--- March

It's the spring time so the color is based on Green and Brown. Like the germination of seeds, people can also have the germinative power of their live and make it better.


In Taiwan, the 4th of April is the Children's Day. As an adult, colorful thing is not easy make us feel happy. Comparing to our childhood life, we should be satisfy with what we have and think easier something.


The second Sunday of May is Mother's Day. We shold be thankful to our mother that they give us the great life. The purple color means tender and lady. As a Chinese,we try to be more directly to tell our mums, "I love you, mum". 


June is the graduate festival that large numbers of graduates leave school. But it doesn't mean our life will not be graded again. When they're leaving school, they are judged more.


Summer vacation is coming! So, plan what you need to do not only in this two have-fun months and also plan something for your future.


Every August, we can see many people having fun at the seaside. Everyone should have seen SEA, so I did not take a real picutre on the August page. Even if there areonly three letter: SEA, you can still fill the cool from the sea, right?


In Taiwan, the Teacher's Day is 28th of september, the birthday of the teacher of all Chinese - KongZi. Teacher devoted a lot to educate students, to teach them how to be a good guy. The tree in this page is originated from a Chinese idea which means that teachers have students all over the world.


The most significant festival of October is the National's Day. I'm thinking about the relationship between countries instead of this country itself. LOVE and PEACE are what we need to be a worldwide citizen to make up a better planet. White is always peace.


We appreciate families, friends even enemies to let us become a better person. We thank for their help, their support and their love. We can't be us without them. The blue means the sky and the sea that we can have a grateful heart and be more lenientlike the sky and the sea.


It's Green&Red Christmas without hesitation! The whole year is going to an end. At Christmas, families will be together to enjoy a wonderful dinner and show our love to each other. Let's look forward to the next wonderful year.

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